This page contains an official policy on the Naruto Role Playing Wiki.
It should be followed by all editors.


Blogs are a popular feature on many wikis. Sometimes though, blogs get out of hand. This explains what is okay and not okay on blog posts.


Blog Creation RulesEdit

  • Keep it civil: Your blog should be appropriate for all ages, and they should not be used to attack or bully other users or their characters. No inappropriate language or anything of the sort. This applies to all comments and blogs.
  • No objectionable material: Please remember that this is a wiki that children and parents are likely to read. Again, no inappropriate language or anything of the sort.
  • No pointless/nonsense blogs: Pointless or nonsense blogs are those that contain "hi", or "I'm bored, so I'm made this", or other nonsense. Please do not create these blogs, for they are uneeded. Also, please do not make a blog just to ask a question, or make a comment.
  • No fan fiction: You may show your fanfiction to others on other wikis.
  • Blogs do not replace forums: Blogs should not be used to ask for help or other site questions that would be more appropriate in one of the Forums, such as the help desk. These blogs will be moved to the appropriate forum before being deleted. Similarly, blogs do not replace article talk pages in being used to talk about changes to a specific article.

Other RulesEdit

  • No unneeded categories: The one and only category on a blog should be "Blog Posts". (It is automatically added.)
  • Grammar/Spelling: All blogs should be written with correct spelling and grammar. Use a dictionary if you need help to spell something.

Blog posts failing the above rules will be deleted and the user warned and/or blocked at the administrator's discretion. All blog posts must be categorized into Category:Blog posts.