This page contains an official policy on the Naruto Role Playing Wiki.
It should be followed by all editors.


All the accounts a user controls will be treated as the same person. Registering in another username does not allow one to create a new identity: it won't allow a user to circumvent a block or vote more than once.

Sock PuppetsEdit

An alternate account used for disruptive purposes is known as a sock puppet. If any of a user's accounts are to be blocked, then all accounts associated with that user will also be blocked. Please mark all known sock puppets with the {{Sock puppet}} template.

Alternate personasEdit

There are legitimate reasons to use more than one account, like wanting to have a special username for role play "persona", or another reason that may not be relevant to this wiki. A sock puppet must be openly known as an alternate account belonging to the main account (please use the {{Alt persona}} template). Remember, a user may only put one vote in any given poll. See Alt personas for a list.

It is suggested that an alternate persona's talk page be redirected to the main account's talk page (so all communication with a unique user is in a single place).

Certain established users may also create a doppelganger account, which is to prevent impersonation by vandals. Please mark these accounts with the {{Doppelganger}} template. See Doppelganger accounts for a list of doppelgangers.

Recognised alternate personasEdit