This page contains an official policy on the Naruto Role Playing Wiki.
It should be followed by all editors.


An image for your character is one of the most important parts of your character, for it helps others picture your character in their head during interaction. Since many people have used pictures from the Internet for their character, here are a few rules for the image you select.

General Image PoliciesEdit

  1. Your chosen image may not be one already used by others on the wiki
  2. Any image that has a copyright or logo on it is not allowed.
  3. The character on the image should be dressed appropriately and have no nudity.
  4. Please do not choose an image with a well-known character. If you question whether or not a image you want to use is too recognisable, you can submit it for approval to the judging panel, on the forum page here,
  5. Also, if you see an image that you feel is in breach of this policy point it out to an admin and it will be voted on. The voting will be open for one week, for users level 5 and up to vote on to either keep it or to have it deleted.
    1. Examples of an Image that Might be too Recognisable:
      1. Harry Potter
      2. Ichigo Kurosaki
      3. Sasuke Uchiha
      4. Brad Pitt
    2. Examples of Images probably ok:
      1. Actors who are primarily only popular in a certain country and not world wide.
      2. Fan art that doesn't resemble an anime character enough to be recognisable.

Questions? Ask an admin.