This page contains an official policy on the Naruto Role Playing Wiki.
It should be followed by all editors.


This is this is the Live Chat Policy of Naruto Role Play Wiki

Out of character ChatsEdit

When using live chat, please respect other's thoughts and points of view. Chat is intended for appropriate conversation and discussions. Debate about topics irrelevant to Naruto Role Play Wiki is allowed. If an irrelevant topic becomes a great argument, please communicate through user talk pages instead.

Please do not try to recruit people for other wikis through chat. People may see your favorite wikis on your user page. If you would like to request help with something, or would like to become our affiliate, you can do so in private messages.

Please watch your language, for bad words and vulgar language is not allowed. Bullying, harassment, heavy insults, and sexual innuendos are prohibited. Think twice before posting a chat to ensure you do not cause misunderstanding in your message.

In Character ChatsEdit

Live chat may be used for conversations between characters. This includes missions and other activities. This policy covers the live chat policy for characters aside from the general policy for role playing.

When in character, you and people around you must understand that the live chat will be in character. When using chat in character, the out-of-character chat policy about language still applies. This means you cannot say whatever you want because you are in character. Characters may have events together (e.g. fights) as long as all the characters in the live chat agree.

Users in Chat with no Claimed CharactersEdit

If you do not have a claimed character, please do not chat, for you may interrupt the role playing of users. If you have questions about the Naruto Role Play Wiki, please leave a message in an administrator’s talk page. Repeatedly coming back to live chat without creating a character may result in the request of your leave.