Maxwick Tentak
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Fulim Tentak (Father)

Kine Tentak (Mother) Herli Tentak (Uncle)

Status alive
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Height 5'7"
Affiliation Sanagakure
Weapons Swords, Kunai, and Shurikens
Species Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, ninjutsu (not as good as the other two. Hardly uses)
Village Sanagakure
Missions Many
This character belongs to Redwallfan22



He is a little pale with jet black hair and a mischievous smile. His hair is shoulder length. He is pretty athletic guy. He is skinny, fast, and strong. He wears a black cloak like Gaara when he was Kamikaze.


He has a VERY big problem with authority. And is laid back. He always trusts people until they prove untrustworthy. He would save others before himself


He grew up like any other ninja. He was average at everything. But he was really good at up-close fighting and likes to use a sword. When he turned 10 his mom and dad died on a mission. He stayed with his Uncle who taught him many things. He was taught a very good move from his uncle it is called The Replica. It copied any sword that he has ever seen. But it won't have its amazing properties. He like his Father and Uncle has a problem with Rules. When he was 23 on a mission his teammates were slaughted and on that day so was the Kazekage. He was voted for Kaze. He got it and now leads with a strong hand and a soft heart. He is now 24.


He has a lot of Kunai and Shurikens. He often uses a sword.