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Kadow is the Current Hokage of the Village Hidden in the Leaves

Kadow Akimseu
Be Strong, Be Fierce, Be Bold
The Fire Ninja
Important Information
Gender Male
Family Akimsue Clan
Status Alive
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark
Height 6'2"
Affiliation Konohagakure
Weapons Kunai, Sjuriken, Staff and Sword
Village Konohagakure
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He was born into the main house of the Akimsue clan. He was a troublesome boy in the acadamy, but passed with flying colors. His jonin sensei was tough, and taught him what being a ninja entitled. So he started working harder, practising his jutsu's to perfection. He climbed through the ninja ranks faster then ever thought possible, reaching the title of jonin a mare 1 and a half years after his graduation from the acadamy. His mastery in fire jutsu was so great, the villagers started calling him "The Undying Flame of the Leaf". 17 years ago, when the old hokage felt he was unfit to run the village, he chose him as his succesor, and Kadew immidiatly took up the title, in respect of his old sensei, who had died a few years back. Ever since then, He has ruled over the Leaf, with a strong hand, and a wise mind


He is headstrong, and will do anything to defend his pride, or that of his village, although through the years, he has become outspoken, speaking up only when needed. The many years and battles have made him wise, and people can always visit him when they're in trouble


  • His Sword
  • His Uniform
He carries a sword around. The hilt of that sword can open and close like a case, and it can carry 1 kunai, or 3 shuriken. The sheath can also carry upto 5 kunai and a coupl of dozen shuriken.


  • he is a skilled swordsman
  • He is an expert in almost every fire jutsu
  • he is skilled in most basic jutsu
  • he has a great chakra reserve, which means he can perform the Shadow clone jutsu with ease