Mizukage of Kiragakure
Host of Sanbi, the three-tailed turtle
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So I guess I'll write the about me section in English, although I prefer Japanese, even though I do speak English fluently, as my father made sure I could speak multiple languages growing up.

I grew up in the Kiragakure village, my father a Mizukage. My mother died in childbirth with my sister. I was one of the so-called "child prodigies". Maybe I am. I read a lot about them, one of them Konohagakure's jounin, Kakashi. My mother and father was always strict about my grades, having them always A++. Being a child prodigy, I was able to graduate at the Kiri academy at age four, pass the Chuunin exams at age six. I was jounin at ten.

As you know, the five villages are usually at war, but in this particular incident, my father was killed in the ninja battle fighting with the villages against the Ataskuki. So, at fourteen, I was unanimously voted as the youngest Mizukage.

Jean Tsuentana
Gender Female
Born 16 April, 1995
Family Miwa Tsuentana (mother)

Kaito Tsuentana (father)

Status Alive
Eye Colour Blue
Hair Colour Blue
Height 5' 7"
Affiliation Kiragakure
Weapons Shurikens
Jutsu Water


Home Kiragakure


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